Considering Care?

Admission to the Red Deer Hospice

What is the admission criteria for Red Deer Hospice?

Red Deer Hospice provides end-of-life care for those who:

  • Have a life limiting condition or disease,
  • Require end-of-life comfort care measures and symptom management,
  • Loved ones and the resident understand measures will not be taken to prolong life,
  • Have a prognosis of less than 4 months assessed by a physician.
Smiling gentleman in his bed at the Red Deer Hospice, holding hands with a visitor.
Resident enjoying the sunny outdoors while eating lunch. Her 2 dogs are nearby.

How does the Red Deer Hospice prioritize those waiting for admission?

Once it is established that an individual meets admission criteria, our home care palliative case managers and Hospice Care Manager, give priority in this order:

  • To individuals living at home/community where home care support services are no longer sufficient
  • To individuals in hospital
  • To individuals where respite care is needed, if space is available and a clear plan to return home is in place.

When is it time to consider admission to hospice?

It is time for hospice when:

  • The individual is seeking end-of-life comfort care
  • The individual and/or family have consulted with the palliative home care managers, and do not plan a home death
  • The individual and/or family do not want hospitalization for end of life care

Hospice is also a potential option for short term respite care for families that are not managing at home or do not intend to plan for a home death.

Smiling Red Deer Hospice staff member holding hands of older gentleman in care.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost to stay at Red Deer Hospice?

There is no fee to stay at the Red Deer Hospice. No one is ever denied care due to financial situations. A portion of our operating costs are covered by Alberta Health Services, however, as a not-for-profit society, we depend on donations and fundraising efforts in order to meet our annual operational budget and for all capital/equipment purchases. We ask that you consider making a donation.

What costs can we expect to incur?

Resident families may expect to incur some medication costs. Medication costs are the same as they would be if the resident were at home. All medications in this facility come from Shopper’s Drug Mart Pharmacy at the Bower Place.

Residents who are over age 65 will be partially covered by Senior’s Blue Cross. Everyone at Hospice is registered with Palliative Drug Benefits, which covers the majority of medication costs. Medication coverage from employment benefit plans may also apply.

Do you have specific visiting hours?

Red Deer Hospice does not have formal visiting hours. Family and friends are encouraged to visit as often as they and the resident wish, as long as the resident has the energy to do so.

Many residents appreciate knowing when to expect company. We encourage family and friends to phone us at 403-309-4344 before visiting. Please sign the visitor registry each time you visit, both on arrival and when you leave. Hospice staff reserve the right to ask any visitor exhibiting inappropriate behaviour to vacate the premises.

What should we bring with us to Red Deer Hospice?

At admission, our care staff are happy to chat with families about what personal care items to bring with your loved one. This can include anything from a favourite bubble bath and cozy slippers to razors and nail care needs.

Residents are encouraged to use the wall unit in their room to house special mementos from home such as pictures and meaningful items. Please note when choosing these items that we are a scent free facility.

Can we bring special furniture or appliances for our loved one?

We are unable to allow outside furniture in our facility for health and safety reasons. All furniture in our Hospice is covered in approved health care facility fabric. Please refrain from bringing in kettles or heating pads. If you have any questions specific to your situation, please do not hesitate to ask.

Can we bring our pets to visit?

Well behaved pets are welcome to visit during the day. They must be on leash or in a carrier when outside of the resident’s room. They must never be allowed into the kitchen area.

Interested in learning more?

If you are interested in a tour of our Hospice, or would like to learn more, please contact our Executive Director or Care Manager.

Executive Director:
phone 403-309-4344 ext. 102
or send an email.

Care Manager:
phone 403-309-4344 ext. 114
or send an email.